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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Favorites updated from external file without manual user import

We are beginning an effort to be more rigorous about the use of Favorites, which follows our firm's effort to be more rigorous about graphic consistency and not wasting time with many settings when we just want things to look the way they should (i.e...

Visual way of making furniture/interior object

To make a furniture in archicad today, we have couple of solutions: 1. models it with wall, slabs, morph etc., or import from other software, then convert and save it as an object. 2. models it as morphs then group them. 3. make gdl from scratch. Thi...

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Publisher Set Properties window rearranged

This is a minor detail, but one I am reminded of each time when publishing a drawing set. The option to chose published file format is all the way below after all the irrelevant settings. Format could be up with publishing method. It makes no sense t...

CPU Multithreading, GPU Rendering better point cloud support

Hi, Just wondering when ArchiCAD will support CPU Multithreading and better support or point clouds. Currently, as I work with a point cloud the GPU and CPU utilization remains under 50%. I can confirm this is not a hardware issue on my end and is a ...

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More open with Options

Say I am in my section and decide to start a detail.... Typically after selecting the detail marker, I right-click and "Open with current view settings". It would be nice to have an, "Open with View Settings"... Maybe allow us to set predefined views...

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More & better GRAPHIC OVERRIDE options

The graphic overrides are awesome, but many times you need more. For example: - override a part of a bigger object, but not the whole object (like a window, complex profile, wall, composite, stairs...). - override surfaces in an elevation - override ...

tilt turn windows in USA library

USA library should have full array of tilt-turn window objects, eg combination units with multiple tilt-turn sashes, tilt-turn/fixed combination, tilt-only units, tilt-slide doors etc. Thanks

Resolved! Door Marker

It would be very helpful to have an extra option in the door marker which can show HEAD HEIGHT of the door, by that i mean wallhole height + sill height. I some cases, for the construction workers on site this information is very important for buildi...

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Excel's on-off 'Show zero values' preference for schedules

I wish schedule Scheme settings had an on-off toggle for 'Show zero values' as in Excel file Preferences/Settings, which shows cells with zero values blank, as if they were empty —which is good for readabiliity of Excel spreadsheets in which many val...

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Surface bitmaps in Schedules

An option to show bitmap images in surface schedules would be a great addition to AC. Currently, when creating surface/material schedules, you can only see a color of the surface.