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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Macro GDL parameter type

My wish would be to get a new parameter type for GDL objects, to which users can assign any object of the Macro subtype. I imagine this as a logical extension of the profile parameter type. The motivation for this request is to make it easier to buil...

s_p_b Booster
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Search field for Properties in Element Settings

Properties are a really useful feature. Sometimes it's hard to find the relevant property from a long list of properties in the element settings panel. I wish for a search field similar to the one in the Property Manager. This way, finding the releva...


CI Door empty opening - Wall end closure

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a solution to fix the empty opening to have a wall end, similar when using the wall end tool, but is there a setting inside the tool that fixes this problem? I guess you can add a 1 mm frame, but I was wonde...

Danny5 Participant
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Save as PDF -> "marquee area" as default (if defined)

When a marquee area is defined, the 'Save as...' PDF option should by default be set to 'Marquee Area' instead of 'Entire Drawing'.When working on large projects, accidentally saving the 'Entire Drawing', distributed on countless sheets, can lead to ...

Layer Definition Attributes

Seeing that GS is unable to embrace the future and move on from layers it would be good if we at least were able to use the same naming convention for layers as for classifications. Currently this is not possible as the period sign is used as an auto...

I want to use ArchiCAD in Korea too.

I only receive emails saying "buy it and I'll give it to you cheap", not even knowing if there is a company.However, now only rvt is written in the submission of achievements in the national task order.Red line part [ BIM modeling file (.rvt) ]The I ...