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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

New GDL commands such as LOFT are long overdue!

Hi, It would be great to see some new GDL commands such as loft added to the GDL library. I know I’m not the first to request this but I believe a loft command would add some much needed functionality. Some other variations of loft would also be usef...

photovoltaic parameters

Hello, For the parameters of the photovoltaic solar panels object, you should modify some limitations. 1. The slope of the support should be able to be negative. In the case of a low slope roof with symmetrical panels, this would be useful (see scree...

denisd by Contributor
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Resolved! An easy one: Visible Elements in Trace & Reference

Hi Archicad's elves, Wouldn't it be more logical for Visible Elements option to be in the main menu of Trace & reference tool.It is quite hidden now, don't you think?It should not be so disturbing for you to change that little thing.Pleeeease... Than...

Convert Copy of Selection to Morph

Hi! I use the Solid Element Operations a lot for modelling roads, sidewalks and other landscape parts. However, this slows down the model quite a lot, so I like to convert them to morphs, and keep the SEO as a backup for when I need to change things....

Editing Complex profile with "Trace as Reference"

"Trace as Reference" drawing when editing Complex profile, so section or another active drawing will be shown in background of Complex profile editor. This way you can easily adjust complex profile to fit to drawing. Drawing must be placed in same po...


Composite walls

It would be better BIM if wall skins could have Sub-Skins... Example:In a wall composite we can now only tell the story about what is happening in the wall core with words in the name of the wall core skin and with the fill we assign to that skin... ...

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gdford by Advisor
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Consistent Scalable Graphic 2D Elements

I am just modifying my office template and noticed that the Story Level Marker has several settings set to fixed "modelspace" units (inches, mm) while several other settings are set to scalable point size. This mix really screws up any attempt at ach...

Fix Top-View of inclined Wall-Connections

Hello together, the option t tilt wall is already long time onboard... Just I realized that the top-view of connection with vertical walls is wrong. In 3D everything o.k.: ... but in the floor plan, we get this: So please could you fix that, this way...

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snow by Advocate
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