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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Make selectable and editable multiple Layer combination

I hate to change one at time, layer class number (I don't know how you call the number) visibility, lock status for every combination every time I create a new layer. Mostly if I need a new layer, I want to lock it in a group of combinations, make it...

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A better way for voting on Wishes

It seems a little dumb that, essentially, the question a Wish poll asks is "How badly do you want this?". So without any restraint, you just say "Essential" to an unlimited number of items - producing a result that isn't necessarily truly reflective ...

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Hot spot behaviour

Here is one very easy opportunity to improve ArchiCAD efficiency Hotspots are projected by default when user has a wall selected and Ctrl-clicks to extend it, unless wall tool was also pre-selected You can confirm all the wasted time & mouse clicks f...

Door positioning snaps

In any given project, doors typically end up being in consistent positions with respect to corners or centres of walls. It would thus be very useful/save a lot of redundant typing if these could be recorded and act as snap points during door placemen...

More wall corner types

It would really help if it was possible to dictate how one wall cleans up with another at corners - rather than a sharp corner, often a bevelled or rounded corner is needed. Composite wall skins should follow the chosen shape of corner Not so nice if...

Correct the IFC subtypes of all library parts

As I use IFC and check library parts, I've noticed that the IFC subtype classifications for AC library parts are often enough incorrect. For example the ADA restroom sign to be mounted on a wall has as its classification Model element>Furnishing>>Fur...

Please, add "update selected zones" to context menu

We can add keyboard shortcut on "Update zones..." But this action show special window with tab and buttons. Action from context menu will be updated selected zones without window. I think, it's very fast and comfortable. P.S. sorry for poor English.

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Walls should clean up even when reference lines do not touch

I would like for ArchiCAD composite walls to clean up when skins of matching fill touch, even if reference lines do not touch. Very often, in multi-way junctions at corners, reference lines cannot be flipped to accommodate a junction with one wall wi...

Element locking

hi all, One thing i have seen in another software package which is really neat is the ability to 'lock' or 'glue' certain elements together. ie if you move a wall, everything that is 'associated' or 'glued' to that wall moves with it. ie move a wall ...

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Need view sensitive wall cut fills

requesting a hatching, or wall/roof feature that senses if the wall is being viewed in section, or plan and allows for different cut fill for each view. e.g. Masonry walls can have a crosshatch in plan, but a coursing hatch in section.

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