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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

Multiple Selections 'Edit Selection Set'

- If multiple different elements are selected and using 'Edit Selection Set to change for example a pen. The pen of the last selected element is displayed. If some of the selected elements have the same pen, there is no way to change them, have to ch...

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Translator Setup

- Set one of the translators to default. - Enable default translator to be turned off.

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My Cad Management wishes

- Lock a layer permanetly, ie we used layers to identify different groups of layers, such as site, hotlinks, existing, etc. Alternatively provide a means to add a heading to groups of layers. - Lock the way ID is used for details, sections, elevation...

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Wall fills turn corners like composites

I would like fills to behave intelligently in rotated walls. In a composite, you can set a skin to go around a corner in such a way that the orientation w/r/t the wall is maintained. I want this behavior for conventional-fill walls, without having to...


!Restored: Save as Artlantis 4.5 from ArchiCAD10

Is there a good reason why users who are happy with Artlantis 4.5 HAVE to upgrade to Artlantis R when they upgrade to ArchiCAD 10? And users who want to do animations or QuicktimeVR HAVE to upgrade to Artlantis Studio? Why has ArchiCAD 10 made Artlan...

Default Work Environment Profile

As Link pointed out to me here the behaviour of Archicad in applying Work Environment Profiles does not work how I thought it was meant to work Link wrote:The problem IMHO is that ArchiCAD defaults to the current profile, not the default profile. It ...

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Library Manager should manage libraries not just load them

Wouldn't it be great if the library manager allowed you to manage library parts and libraries? Imagine moving merging and creating libraries from all those bits and pieces you download and removing the parts you never use. As far as I've seen most us...

Sort Display Order by Elevation

Now that we can have multy storey elements (in ArchiCAD 10), wouldn't it be good if elements were sorted in plan view by their elevation? That is; a slab whose top surface is 2m should mask a wall which is only 1m. Right now everything is sorted by t...

Filename length 27+3 characters is getting really annoying

Why is ArchiCAD still limited by the filename length constriction? Are we thinking of moving back to Mac OS 9? I think it would be nice for ArchiCAD to support filename lengths which are available in both MAC OSX and Windows.

saving pdf bug?

Every time I publish my sets - save as pdf. at the end of the process the computer crashes. It shows the hourglass time curser but It never goes away. I have to shut the program and reopen the file Has anyone else had this problem?

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