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Please make a single topic wish per thread in this Wishes forum. Do not combine multiple wishes in a thread if you hope to have the wish classified and considered for the future roadmap. Make the subject line of your Wish post a concise summary of th...

New Composite & Display Options

Provide new Composites... (Wall) options and Display Options for Construction Fills. Composites: 1) Ability to define a "Structural Core" perhaps with Check boxes that identify which 2 (or more?) points are the structural faces. For example, which 2 ...

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Display/Hide Everything Above

Here's a thought: Under the Display menu, how about a "Hide everything above xxxx mm" For example, you could use it to hide kitchen countertops and cabinets whilst drawing the base, then hide the countertop whilst drawing the lower cabinets.... I use...

Auto-Comments In 2D Script

If you build a 3D object and Save As... to a .GSM, it uses the IDs of the individual parts as comments in the 3D script window, which helps you identify the parts. The 2D script doesn't have this luxury -- there aren't any comments at all. There shou...

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Fills in elevation

I would love for Graphisoft to fix the bug whereby fills in elevation merge when they shouldn't (i.e objects not touching in plan) Also would be good to have option force individual component's cut or elevation fills not to merge even when they are t...

Rotate 180°

PlotMaker should have Rotate 180° option. Reason? Binding edge for landscape A3 is the left one. Bigger printer margin is always the right one. Oh, yes ... print to PDF, rotate all pages in Acrobat 180°, print. No, thanks. AutoCAD has this for donkey...

PM auto rotate when Printing

When printing to a selected sheet size, PM should propose to "auto rotate" the page (as Acrobat does) to be able to print portrait and paysage pages in 1 operation whithout having to redefine printing properties each time or having to create a publis...

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PM9 layout display order, or How To Place the Master on Top?

I'd like the contents of the Master layout (labels etc) to by default drawing order place itself ON TOP of the imported drawings in a layout. Then, also by deafuolt, I'd like content drawn/written into a specific layout, to be placed on top of the ab...

Pet Palette hot key

Here's a little productivity enhancer I'd use all the time: A Pet Palette hot key that would cycle through the palette buttons. It would fit nicely in the new Action part of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. I suppose it would be good if there were ...

RailMaker, ArchiRail?

Some kind of tool for making rails which would follow slabs, stairs, ramps... It should be made programmable in the way you can enter the distance between posts and they appear as you shorten or lengthen the rail. Of course, it has to be integrated i...