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changing plane of slabs and objects, not just morphs and shells


Would love to be able to change the plane of objects or slabs easily without having to make them into morphs first. This would save so much time when designing custom objects etc.

Barry Kelly

If you could freely edit a slab, it would no longer conform to the rules of a slab, so therefore could not be a slab (unless you are just adjusting the shape in plan..

That is why you have to convert it to a morph.

A morph can do almost anything and that is what it is designed to do.


The same with an object.

You can't just go stretching bits of an object unless it is scripted to do that.

Otherwise it is not following the rules as designed in the object.


Can you show an example of what you want to do?

i.e. convert a slab to a morph and show us what changes you want to make.



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