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editing skins of composites

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I wrote that in archicad 15 topic
mzex wrote:
what I really miss is in place editing skins of composite walls. something like with curtain wall, you press edit and then each wall skin would be treated as separate wall, which would make me able to define which skins should be connected together. or if needed one skin is finished earlier than the rest of the wall. after you are finished with editing you pres OK and then wall is again just a wall with custom geometry and with connections in model. now instead of doing that in model I have to go to worksheet to clean wall intersections.
And I got it, but Revit made it possible.

under title Revit and construction you can read description about new feature create parts in Revit.
It seems autodesk crew know what people really do need.

Please graphisoft make this possible in archicad.