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hierarchial/nested layers (esp. for dwg x-refs)

it would be very benefitial for the layers list to be capable of handling nested layers (ie hierarchial) particularly for the handling of x-refs:

each x-ref comes into archicad under a layer automatically assigned by archicad as the files name, and inside of that layer is nested all of the files own layers. you would be able to control complete visibility of the x-ref (hiding the master layer), or the visibility of the x-ref's own layers within the drop-down layer list that would be available as nested layers within the master layer.

i believe that it would also be benefitial if x-ref layers were locked by default and also unlockable! a person should not be able to draught at all in a layer from another file except by opening that file in its own right.

hope this makes sense!

congratulations on the forum. the ability to be able to subscribe to a daily digest as before would (i believe) ensure that all bases are covered with regard to how people wish to use the facility!

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Gyuri wrote:
(2003) Added to ArchiCAD Wishlist.
long wishlist .. AC13 maybe?

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