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library object outlines 3D document

Vaclav Slovak

I have tried to solve this problem with local help, but they didnt find solution for this. 

I just want to display round shape objects in 3d documents with proper outlines. I would expect models from archicad library to be finetuned for this but they simply are not! Not even talking about 3rd party models 😞 

So at the moment i need to duplicate problematic objects, convert them to morphs in different layers and then display different layers for different views - no too BIM. Morph in plan views dont act well on the other side.  
Please optimize Archicad library models to display with proper contours! 

Thanks a lot. 

Marc H

Hi Vaclav,

If I understand correctly, you are trying to have the AC objects display correctly in 3D.  Pillow outline is not showing though the object is present.  I ran a test using standard AC26 on AC26 template and placed a standard AC bed unit.  It came out with the appropriate outlines (see snips).


I'm thinking it may be your GPU or a GPU setting? I don't see your rig specs in your signature block but I expect you have a dedicated GPU.   This is a long-shot, but one issue I've had in the past is the PC defaults to the integrated GPU vs the dedicated GPU even though AC is assigned to the dedicated GPU.  Graphic quality then suffers in this and other ways.  There is an additional setting that forces all graphics to the dedicated GPU.  Might try that if you have not already done so.


Another long-shot thought is that you have a model view, object pen parameter, or graphic rule interfering with the display of the object, but which falls outside that criteria when it's converted to a morph.  


Hope one of these helps. 

AC Bed Highlighted.png
AC Bed in 3D Window.png
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The pillows that are a part of the bed objects, are not the same as the 'freeform' pillow objects Vaclav was using.


They are saved using a basic form of GDL that literally scripts every separate polygon on the surfaces (1000's of them).

I am not sure if it has to do with the masking codes in the scripts, but it seems there are no visible edges set up.

The interesting thing, if you convert those objects to a morph, as Vaclav stated, they appear correct - the morph gives them automatic edges.

Now save the morph back as an object, and they still show the outline edges.

The new GDL code is slightly different to the original, but it now has the proper masking values to show the edges of the pillows.





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Vaclav Slovak

Hi Marc! 

Thanks for your reply - I use standard bed combined with pillow object, not the bed with pillows. But it is not the case.

Try to check outlines for other round object for example L shaped sofa and typically Eames plastic chairs - the plastic part doesnt have the outline.. 

My setup is 32 GB RAM, 8GB Quadro M5000, I dont know exactly the processor (works fast).