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wall into a line



Computer graphic designers often ask us to provide them with plans with lines to represent the walls, as this allows them to optimise the representation of the plan to their graphics more easily

If you want to use lines instead of a combination of lines and hatchings to define a wall, would it be possible to have in the MVO the possibility to display a wall in one line that is positioned in the middle of each wall? like for the representation of  Curtain wall, stair, railing, doors and windows ...............

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If the line is to be the same thickness as the wall, then yes: use the Graphic Overrides to turn all your fills and cut lines to black (or whatever colour you choose).


If the line is not to be the same thickness as the wall, then I would say not really.  Not in any practical way, in any case.

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If you could change a wide wall into a single line (which you can't) don't forget Archicad lines have round ends so they wouldn't look so good.


Unfortunately you are stuck with the existing lines and fills.



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this function is rather oriented for graphic designers in communication because it allows them to be more flexible with our content in their graphic approach and on other software like illustrator

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@abdelaziz The following is not as simple as your wish, but it should be a workable solution...


Try using the Zone tool on a unique layer and set the Construction Method to Reference Line.


In the Zone tool settings change the boundary to Gross from Net.


Remember you can turn off Zone stamps in MVO settings. 


This process may be simpler if you already have all your zones, in which case you may just need to create & redefine copies to reference & gross.


Let us know if this works for you.

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Hi ,@DGSketcher


this method is correct but requires an additional learning which will not necessarily be done by all the teams the most often in the real life the collaborators use the manual zone to make their surface I do not know exactly for what, perhaps that the automatic method does not give them a total control of the zone, especially at the level of the embrasures of opening their adjustment is in the calculation rules or because of the model that is not necessarily well joined between the walls there is always some millimeter that drags but for that I think that a tolerance adjustment could be added to the rules of calculation of the zones, but everyone does not want to look where it is, and prefers to create a zone manually.


the problem with your method is that the zone line will not necessarily be in the middle of the wall and I will not be able to show doors at the lowest level of 2D detail

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I think this could be done using the Archicad-Grasshopper Connection, but I don't know if you want to go that route as it would require additional learning by users.

But in theory, I think it would be possible to get all wall geometries to Grasshopper, deconstruct them using the Deconstruct Archicad Components in Grasshopper, then generate the middle lines, and create the lines in Archicad using lines or fill or even walls or beams (these would be placed on a separate Layer). I think such a workflow could work.

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