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window reveal line thickness in section


I can't find any setting to adjust reveal line thickness for a window in section. 

While everything looks neat in floor plans - where the wall reveal has covered thermal insulation and plaster finish layer, in a section I have several problems:

1) I have these thick lines which extend beyond the wall itself (thus having the thick lines covering my window frames)

2) The reveal shows only thermal insulation but not the layer of the plaster finish as it is the case on the floor plans

Do you know why is it so and how to fix it?


Floor plan:

window_floor plan.JPG





Basically AC is near useless when it comes to opening sections. 


Creating a PATCH object may be your best option depending on your required level of detail.  

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)
Ian Knowles

For the extended line, as long as you don't require mm perfect window reveal information the quick fix is to move the window 1mm over this will overcome the extending line. Alternatively, you can add a separating layer between the block and insulation in the composite this provides a similar solution, but both are bodges.


For the plasterboard reveal this can be made using the 'casing' option which will produce a similar effect in section.