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About AI Visualizer

I'm no stranger to architecture ai renders, but one thing that always drove me away from them was the inconsistent results. Let's say, for example, I do a render today and get a result, tomorrow, with the same imput, I might get a completely differen...

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My Two Cents

Having used MidJourney since V3, I've gained experience with LLM-based image generators. Selecting Stable Diffusion for this work might not have been the best choice; MidJourney excels more in architectural rendering. Are there plans for a MidJourney...

AI vsualizer "seeds"

Once you've experimented with various alternatives, is there a way to take back one of the "seeds" that AI has used previously? Or is "Lock result" the only way and it is therefore necessary to produce all the Archicad desired views from different an...

AI Visualizer - Windows

Hello, I did the installation and copied the folders to the correct place (the sd.webui in C and the Add on to the Archicad folder).But when startting Archicad 27 and opening the AI Visualizer from the Palettes and click on Generate, I get this error...

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