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AI Engine just doesn't start

Really excited to start testing this but I can't get it to work. Everything seemed to be going fine during the install / and opening process, but now that I've clicked 'Start AI Engine' it's just sitting there trying to start but doing nothing. It's ...

waiting for AI engine to start.jpg

AI Visualizer - Windows

Hello, I did the installation and copied the folders to the correct place (the sd.webui in C and the Add on to the Archicad folder).But when startting Archicad 27 and opening the AI Visualizer from the Palettes and click on Generate, I get this error...

Ancha_0-1700581743243.png Ancha_0-1700582521851.png
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Parameter / result related questions

Archicad AI Visualizer is up and running, but you have questions related to the behaviour of the palette, the use of the parameters or why you have got a certain result? You are at the right place to discuss parameter or result related questions with...

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