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About Archicad and BIMcloud libraries, their management and migration, objects and other library parts, etc.

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Missing library objects from Embedded Library

Hello, everyone.I have some problems with some missing objects from the embedded library of a Teamwork project. I have tried using the search filter in the 3d window displaying all the elements but I cannot find a single one. I searched for objects t...

alesim Participant
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Resolved! AC26 US Electrical Symbols

I cannot seem to find the US electrical symbols. I am looking for the object file that represent outlets like the screenshot attached.Does anyone know where I can download this US library for these symbols? us outlet symbol AC26/windows 11 pro

usa electrical symbol.png
MO_RHTX Participant
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Resolved! Where is my 2D object?

Hey everyone, i created a simple 2D object which is in the embedded library when i go to the library manager, but it's not in the embedded library in the objects default settings window, so i can't select it. i've done a search for it but it doesn't ...

Resolved! Custom Objects Plan View

I'm making custom furniture I've built into objects in Archicad 22, but I can't seem to get them to appear properly in plan. For example, on the attached daybed I've modeled, I can't get the legs of the bed to be hidden by what is above it.

t_fo3 Participant
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