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Screenshot to JPG Utility

Sometime last year, someone from tech support sent me a little utility that automatically created JPGs when doing a print screen. Unfortunately, a major crash sometime after that wiped out not only the installed utility but the email containing the f...

Wood Framing Plugin?

Around a year ago i read about a wood framing plugin for Archicad, and didnt see any threads out here discussing it. Is this still around, and if it is, is it any good? If not, how do i go about creating accurately framed residential buildings withou...

keithg by Newcomer
  • 13 replies

How do I deinstall ArchiTerra?

...I want to use ArchiTerra on another computer with another dongle... I copied all the ArchiTerra structure from the plug-in folder in AC to the other computer but when I'm trying to connect to serialize the AT version is "locked" to my original don...

mathome by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Anyone used eBuilder, Buzzsaw or other ASP project tools?

Anyone have any experience with ASP based project managers? Know any clients or consultants who like one over another? Have you seen BasecampHQ, eProject or similar kinds of things? My interest is naturally more in the AEC area and services like eBui...

Chazz by Participant
  • 5 replies

Building Surveys using Disto

We do a fair amount of retrofitting existing office and industrial buildings using a Disto. Up to now, we've been using pen & paper to document measurements. We have tried building a Archicad file as we survey using a stand-up, roll around cart & Pow...

Architerra beginner

I'm confused, not being used to the terminology of Architerra. I have a 2D dwg contour map that I have imported into an Archicad .pln file. What is the fastest/simplest way of transforming it into an Architerra terrain model? The Architerra manual ex...

ArchiTerra - Road Section Base Elevation

Does anyone know how to alter the base elevation of the Road sections? (This Attachment) I have two sections of Driveway that I have "laid-out" with the same z-elevation reference but I also want the base elevations to be equal and "clean" number say...