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Aus Windoorbuilder

Is there a tutorial on how to use the Aus Windoorbuilder? Its a handy tool but sooo clunky to use. A few tips would be good.

BIMCollab changes FoV and cut surfaces - why!?

I have two issues in AC24 with BIMCollab 5.3 (BC) 1. Why does BC changes my view cone (FOV, field of view) when I change camera position using BC issue double click: Origina FOV 90: After using BC, FoV 119?: I always have to manually set back FOV to ...

libraries from BIM6x

I have two projects same libraries same seed One did not have favorites however I found how to copy them from the other However the favorites dont work. I have to create a new file to draw handrails and stairs and a lot of the items needed Copy it in...

Cadimage Cabinet Tool - Delete Module

I set up a cabinet with a drawer stack and added a narrow flat panel filler module to one side of it, as would be used when the cabinet is adjacent to a wall to provide clearance. I have made a copy of that cabinet and want to delete the flat panel t...

tjmillar by Participant
  • 5 replies

MEP quantification

Hello, We are using MEP modeler to design exterior plumbing and electrical networks. The latter are produced in particular with flexible sheaths. The problem is that unfortunately we cannot extract the quantities of these elements. We are using the M...

ecoteam by Newcomer
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