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Pen sets in USA template

I'm reviewing USA template and library and for me pen sets there does not make sense. Probably USA users get use to that, but behind all pen arrangement, colours and thickness I don't see any logic. It just there. To compare it with international ver...

NCS Colour Palette

Hi - does anybody know what happened to the ncs colour palette ? Mention of it back in 2000: And half a mention on the forum a few years back. It sounds like its some sort of plugin....

lxln by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Display BMat IDs in attribute manager?

Hi, Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't it possible to display the Building Material IDs in the attribute manager? I only have the following columns: - is it used (the tickmark) - attribute index - preview of the cut fill and used surface (btw, th...

furtonb by Enthusiast
  • 0 replies

CAD / BIM standards

Hi there! Can be useful for any BIM manager - collection of CAD/BIM standards. Included Singapore BIM Guide; AEC UK Layers, File Naming, Classification and BIM Technology; USA NCS. Anyone is welcomed to expand the library!

Podolsky by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Bim Cloud, no more licenses available

Hello, I created a Bim Cloud server with 3 different users, all of them with full acess but only one at the time can log in and work online in the shared project, the others receive a message saying no more licenses are available and are forced in of...

ArchiCAD Template and Library HEBREW - free download

שלים I have found on this forum few questions about issue with Hebrew (also Arbic and another right-to-left languages). The problem that + and - sign jumping after the number in level dimensions on Windows - that is quite serious issue for project do...

ArchiCAD Template and Library - free download

Hi there! I have decided to give a link to the template and library I have developed for projects I've been working on. Feel free to download and review. Any comments are welcomed. The Template was developed for UK. I used British standards: BS 8541-...

Podolsky by Newcomer
  • 44 replies

Supported team project version

I am changing to archicad 24 but I am not sure how to set the Bim cloud server so that it supports this update. At the moment the page says that the supported team version is 22 (this was set up a couple of years ago), and I dont know how to change t...

hugo by Newcomer
  • 1 replies