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The Future of BIM

I think the problem is putting labels to people's roles in relation to that acronym that has done so much damage to the industry (BIM projects, BIM people, BIM meetings, etc). Architects have been managing information for a long time now, either adhe...

Pantelis by Participant
  • 1 replies

Open and Repair Best Practices

What are the best practices for the Open and Repair function? I've been working on keeping the main file I use a template as clean / lean as possible. When I start a new project or even working midway through one, I've been doing the Open and Repair ...

Template file size too big

Hi guys! each time we finish a project we take what might be used in the future and put in the template. But in this last project we made a complete revamp of our layer combinations, layers, pen sets graphich overrides, and material names, and layout...

jl_lt by Contributor
  • 11 replies

BIM cloud Basic | problem with project access settings

I am trying to restrict attribute and library part creation rights for a project. I have modified the default "Architect" role, and assigned it to "everyone". But everyone still has full access. Tried setting the architect role in other projects - it...

Can an Architectural graduate become a BIM manager?

Do you think that on-the-job training might be enough to bridge the gap? Sure, you can learn on the fly - it's certainly more than I received when I started working, and I managed (I'm mostly self taught). Technically, you can become proficient in th...

furtonb by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

A question regarding templates

Hello fellas, can someone help me out pls. I am setting up a template and for example i changed few settings on a normal door, and saved the template. Now when i open a new file with that template first time when i click the door it's the same that i...

Export sheets and documents with the IFC model

Hello everyone, We are currently working on a restoration operation of a historical project, and we are requested to provide a 3D model of the final status of the project in an IFC and native format. The operation is done using ArchiCAD 21, and I wou...

Skiwex by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Speed of editing within Interactive Schedules

Is there a method of speeding up the editing of an interactive schedule? I have a schedule which creates a detailed specification for all new items within my building model. If I edit an object, wall, roof etc. within the interactive schedule, the sc...