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Resolved! How do you set up fills in your custom template?

Hi, I'm updating our company template for AC23. Previously we used the default fills from GS but they are too many and many are redundant. Fills in AC are of two functions: generic patterns or defined material. An example is diagonal lines vs metal-a...

AC Metric Templates

A most popular subject i know but - any help apprecaited as to where i can find / buy good templates in NOT in ft and inches. Based out of Europe and need METRIC not Imperial. There are options out there but all i have found are in Imperial. thanks A...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 16 replies

Transfer Organiser to another file

We have a very organised hierarchy of folders inside a file's Organiser that we would like to trasfer as a whole or part of it to another working project. Is it possible? that means transfering the View map, Layout book and Publisher Sets I realise t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

BIM server works only on my computer

HELLO! i have a problem with BIM server. I created a bim cloud and users there. then i shared a project and gave to another user his login, password and the my bim server's address. but he can't log into it, the error is "cannot connect the server". ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

History of element

Dear community, Is it possible to access the history of changes of an element on Archicad? On Revit, there is a pyRevit function with the possibility to know in a collaborative environment "Who did this?". It allows to understand the changes that hap...

Alois R_ by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program

Some of you may have heard of the GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program, our initiative to educate existing and future BIM Managers on how to implement BIM in their practices and manage projects using BIM workflows, as it has been around for a few years now...

Crashed BIM server

So unfortunately we have a crashed BIM server and now I dont really know how to restore it on another machine. I have access to all the original files on the crashed machine as well as a bunch och backups in the form of .BIMProject files. What im try...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies