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Now i know you guys must be busy atm but RSS is a pretty simple/fundamental feature of any decent forum software out there. It should not take over a week to turn on RSS for a simple forum. It should be a simple matter of enabling it for a forum in t...

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TeamWork Information and Learning Resources

Besides the PDF and help files delivered with ArchiCAD, the ArchicadWiki contains evolving resources to help setup, learn and troubleshoot TeamWork and the BIM Server including links to videos and additional documents. The location of some documents ...

Teamwork2 Training Videos

A new Interactive Training Guide is coming soon. Its main topic is Teamwork2. You can watch the movies included in the ITG if you go to the following page: Toward the bottom of the page, go to the T...

TW2 in the Trial Version?

I'm looking forward to reading people's experiences with TW2. Would I be correct to assume TW2 probably won't be available in the trial version of ArchiCAD 13?

New Teamwork/BIM Server Forum

Dear All, With the announcement of ArchiCAD 13's Teamwork 2 and BIM Server, there will be lots of discussions about these new features and technologies. So we have created this new Forum. Please post all your questions and comments regarding these in...

AC 13: Adding new users to the BIM Server

Adding users and their default roles to the BIM Server is an easy process. Several interesting things are that you can temporarily disable a user's account without deleting their information, and that you can add any data fields you want to all user ...

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AC 13: User Access Rights in Teamwork

An important aspect of the new Teamwork that you can see flash by in one of the videos on the Graphisoft web site is a much finer-grained control over what capabilities each group of team members can have. Now that TW provides fine-grained reservatio...

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Tell me about TW2. How is it different than logging into a server with a program like Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro or similar?


I justed wanted to say thanks for all the changes that you have made in the upcoming release. This is a truly unique and magical moment for the design industry as we know it. There are a lot of changes, and some of which are going to revolutionize th...

ares997 by Newcomer
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