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Failure to add team mates to File

Im having an issue adding team mates to a teamwork file. I log in as Administrator then go through the process of addding the new member to the list then it asks you for the password again, i put it in and then all the program seems to do is freeze. ...

Reggie84 by Newcomer
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Noob TEAMWORK Issue AC11

I'm trying to get a project settup for the office tobe used with TEAMWORK, I read all the instructions, seems so easy, ran into one issue though: The Selections for 'Area' workspace selection of 'Entire Project' and 'Limited by Marquee' are both gray...

Teamwork and Modules

Hi! Anybody know does what this error message means: "This name is in use by a locked document. Select another folder or use a different name." I am working in Teamwork file and there are different modules, also other team are working through the ser...

giuseppe by Newcomer
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TeamWork passwords messed up ?

Hi all, I'm doing a small projects in TeamWork. But the passwords are messed up. I have set seperate pass for Admin and TeamLeader (also in different user name as well). However AC 12 does not recognize pass of TeamLeader. Instead it requires pass of...

to old plp

Trying to back up some old files, i came across some old plp files. When i try to sign-in to those old files, an untitled archicad file opens, and then nothing else. Is there a way to actually open those files, or are they lost forever?

Working in TW with ArchiCAD 11 and 12 Simultaneously

Currently we are working as Teamwork in ArchiCAD 11 Slowly, we are upgrading to ArchiCAD 12 Will there be any conflict / issues etc with the Teamwork File (plp) if some of the team members are working in 11 and some in 12 simultaneously?

husnee by Newcomer
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teamleader's account access in Archicad teamwork

I have a rather delicate problem. We have an archive version of a v11 teamwork plan, and we do not know the teamleader's password, only the other users'. Is there any way to override password settings and access the data as teamleader? Unfortunately,...

ArchiCAD 12 Teamwork File Not Loading

I am having a huge problem, I can not open my .plc and .bpc in ArchiCAD 12. I was working off Teamwork and home and now trying to sync my files with the team work file at my office. i get an error - input file is incorrect or memory full. I/O Error. ...

Can't find teamwork file!

I have posted this before. Well, it's still happening and no one can give me an answer to this problem so I decided to try again... While in teamwork, I go to change my workspace. It chugs along for a second and then says "Can't read the teamwork pro...

Hotlinking (PLP's) teamwork projects-- Possible?

Hi, our main PLP file has become very large and would like to split it in two (one for interiors). In previous AC versions, it used to be possible to Hotlink PLN's , and now when trying to Hotlink PLP's I don't seen to get that option, plp's show gra...

Cedric by Newcomer
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