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Teamwork log in issues

When opening a file in teamwork, the "sign in" window popped up. Nothing could be done with the file until I signed in. Once I tried to do that, I go the message "You are already signed in! If you abandon your current workspace, you will not be able ...

ArchiCAD 12 teamwork crashes whilst opening details

We've got a teamwork file and have so far called up just over 50 details. For some really obscure reason some of the details (4 or 5, all from sections) keep crashing the program. If I (as team leader with access to the details) or any team member cl...

cat_dunc by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Teamwork Schedules?

Is it possible to teamwork schedules? If i want someone else to work on inputting data into the finish schedule, do they need to own stories? layouts?... currently in 12 there is no option to teamwork just into the schedule...

New to TeamWork: Checking understanding of methods

Hey y'all... Most of the discussion about TeamWork I'm seeing took place a couple versions ago. I'm wondering if subsequent versions have changed TW much, and if similar best practices still apply.... We're a VERY small office, and only occasionally ...

Jocelyn by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Cannot Write TEAMWORK notes

I get this error while trying to sign in for the first time into a file that has 2 others already signed in. This error shows 3 times, then another error dialog displays.... "This name is in use by a locked document select another folder or use a dif...

Teamwork between mac/pc

So I have heard there were mac/pc issues teamworking projects in AC9, which led my office to go pc only. Now that we are looking again, I'm wondering if anyone has experience teamworking in AC11 in a mixed mac/pc environment? Thanks in advance

Teamwork: open the original file is ok??

Hi everyone, hope you all had a very warm X-mas. i am here today would like to ask if it is ok to open a (plc). Archicad teamwork draft file from it's original (pln) archicad solo project file?? because, i am the only one working on one of a big proj...

Starchi by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Using Teamwork as a standard practice.

We have decided to begin using teamwork as a standard practice on ALL projects. This decision has been based on the tremendous performance improvements I have seen in AC 8.1. There are now no significant delays in signing in, changing workspace, send...