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ARCHICAD requested on my behalf

please help.. I'm having this issue for quite a while now.. archicad automatically requested to other users online onto the file requiring to release all to other users for me to send & receive changes. Hoping for answers what could have cause this.....

yajeric by Newcomer
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Joining Teamwork, Downloading time/ speed

Good Day, The issue I noticed today is that ArchiCAD is downloading teamwork cache data very slowly. I downloaded an app called Glasswire to monitor the internet speed when joining a new file, as it hangs on the first stage 1 | Downloading Data... It...

BIMCloud Basic (Archicad 24) Server not Accessible

Hello all. I´m having problems with BIMCloud Basic for Archicad 24. I have 21/22/23 working fine but when I created the server for 24 I can´t use teamwork. When I open the BIM Manager it show the server as not accessible. If I create a folder for a n...

Failure to Upload AC Library 24 on the BIM Cloud

Hello - After setting up the BIMCloud Basic on an office server and sharing the first teamwork file there, I am trying to upload the AC Library 24 and I am getting an error message. I have a project administrator and lead architect role so I was able...

Resolved! Small firm using Dropbox NOT BimCloud/Teamwork

I am just starting to work with a small firm that has been getting by, sharing Archicad files via Dropbox. What are some problems that will crop up using a cloud service that are solved by using BimCloud (Basic or SAAS)? I am predicting that librarie...

Teammember problem with teamproject

Hi there, One of our teammembers doesn't seem to have its library working proberly in a teamproject. With al he's modeling everything is purple and black. According to the library manager eveythings seems to be oké. At 'Surfaces' it shows that ArchiC...

Can't update Bimcloud library!?

Hi, EDIT - managed to solve it by opening an AC instance and adding the BS lib and then open lib manager and delete the duplicate. I have no clue why someone updated the lib with a duplicat...unintentional of course but still I have never updated BS ...