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Publishing MODs to BCaaS now works

I only get 6 Google hits for "publish modules" BIMcloud and 3 for "publishing modules" BIMcloud. I noticed one can now “export” a PLN to BIMcloud, so I tried publishing MODs to a BIMcloud folder in BCaaS. I published to, placed, and updated from ther...

Ignacio by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Problem with PMK published on BIMcloud

I've a problem with the PMK I publish on BIMcloud server. I have drawings linked to those PMK on my master layout. When I publish the PMK again, I can't update them on the layout: Error message saying that It can't open file. I've done the same with ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

BIMcloud 2021.1 Released

Dear All, BIMcloud 2021.1 has been released in the following language versions: AUS, AUT, FIN, GER, INT, JPN, NED, NOR, NZE, SWE, UKI, USA. Support for other languages is coming soon. The primary focus of this release is to support Archicad 25 and it...

twsupport appearing on desktop - what is it?

I have a engineer working in the Archicad model. He had a problem when send and received he got about 25 files on his desktop that were a twsupport log file didn't know what it refers to or what. I kicked him out of the bimserver so he could rejoin t...

BIMcloud appears with a yellow icon

Hi, on the server when BIMcloud basic is installed the icon appears yellow (see attached image) The option to open BIMcloud Manager is greyed out. Through the browser I can access Manager and there are no warnings. We can access and work without prob...

Default snaphot settings

Whenever a new project is shared on teamwork, I need to manually go into the project settings and change the snapshot settings from 10 hours to 1 hour. Is there a way to adjust the default setting, so all new projects have the above interval set?

Open and Repair - Failure to Repair warning

Today I went to get into a Teamworked file. Received a warning that my file was not the most current and have to be opened from last opened. I saved off the solo file. I then went to run the repair on the solo file. It came back with a warning saying...

tsturm by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Do we need BIMcloud?

At present our Archicad users (currently about 15 licenses on AC18) access our projects via a VPN to a remote server. The server is not well configured for graphics so they only use the internal engine, not OpenGL. I would like them to be able to run...

tjmillar by Contributor
  • 4 replies