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Do we need BIMcloud?

At present our Archicad users (currently about 15 licenses on AC18) access our projects via a VPN to a remote server. The server is not well configured for graphics so they only use the internal engine, not OpenGL. I would like them to be able to run...

Resolved! Export favorites option not visible

Hi everyone, I want to export my favorites to from an AC23 file. The internet tells me there is supposed to be an "Import / Export..." option in the drop-down menu of the favorites pallette, but mine stops at "Clear search". This is driving me a bit ...

canvea by Booster
  • 1 replies

No MESSAGING in AC24 4007

I cannot see messages sent by others and they cannot see the ones I send.. Anyone experience this? Is there some setting that may have got switched? (when I updated yesterday?)

Resolved! No option to downgrade to BIMcloud Basic

I'm working on a group project with another student and it would be easier if we could work in "Teamwork mode". In order to do that we both have to downgrade to BIM Cloud Basic. My colleague has successfully downgraded, however when I open the BIM Cl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies