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BIMcloud and Hyper-V

We currently run BIMcloud on a Hyper-V installation with several VM's.There's the DC/Fileserver, the BIMcloud and a VM with our linux VoIP installation. Apart from the VoIP, for which we have ongoing quality issues, everything seems to work fine most...

Migration from BimCloud Basic to BimCloud SaaS

Has anyone figured out a good way to migrate from BimCloud basic which we have remotely hosted on a VM, to BimCloud SaaS? I would really rather not have to download each project and associated hotlink than re-upload and re-link. Unfortunately, this s...

Can't change some settings in BIM Cloud Basic

Hello. We try to use BIMCloud Basic Install last version, do the setup steps and all works fine (i suppose:)) But when i need to change some setting in BIMCloud Basic Manager - i can't do it For example: I need to change email settings. I login as ma...

ASP by Newcomer
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DNS issues with new Windows BIM server setup

I have done many a BIM server on Macintosh and this is my first time doing it on Widows. I first setup the local DNS system so that the a phrase refers to the local static IP of the server. In fact, when I use a command line to ...

Resolved! New Laptop can't open joined teamwork project

Hi all, Would appreciate some help on this one. I am trying to open a Teamwork Project that I have already joined. However, once the project loads I get an error message that reads "Error occurred during the last Teamwork operation. Start difference ...

Resolved! Opening Teamwork project and automatically receive changes

I'm working on a large Teamwork project, approximately 10 GB. The project is hosted on BIMcloud as a service. When opening the project, it takes about a minute or two before the popup comes asking to receive changes, which I always want to receive. T...

Casper by Participant
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Archicad 22 team crashes when saving PLN

Hello, So we faced a problem that every time we try to make a reserve copy (save PLN on computer) of our team project (ARCHICAD 22) Archicad crashes. does anybody know what could possibly be the cause? Thank you in advance for tips

My server disappears from my Archicad Manager

Hello, Iam usign BimCloud Basic 23, with Archicad 23 3003 teamwork with hamachi. Its third time that in the bimcloud manager the server disappear from nothing and i cant restore it. The only solution that works for me its to re-install everything. An...

Teamwork error: Cacheinfo.xml

Hi, I'm having problems with teamwork projects. Each time I try to join or share a project on the BIM cloud a window appears with the following message: Error during file creation: C:\\Users\USERNAME\GRAPHISOFT\TW Data\AC-24.0.0\\CacheInfo.xml I alre...