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Resolved! Export IFC with local origin (native survey point)

Hello, we have recently started using AC25 and the new native survey point feature, which is working very well for export to DWG, but we are having trouble with the IFC export. No matter the settings in the IFC translator under Geometry Conversion it...

Zones export to IFC takes 4 hours

Hi everyone, At the office we are exporting a project to ifc format. When we exported the project with zones included it took aprox 4 hours to be finished and without the zones it took 1-2 minutes. The sizes of both IFCs didn't differ that much: 38mb...

Importing Autocad MEP models

We are working with a new MEP consultant that is starting to model their HVAC design work. They use Auto Cadd MEP to model their work. Wondering if anyone here has had success in importing 3D HVAC model from Auto CADD MEP into ArchiCAD?Is there a par...

rm by Enthusiast
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Resolved! FBX or Twinmotion for ArchiCAD 25

When will we see an export option to FBX or Twinmotion for ArchiCAD 25? At the very least, FBX (generic) should be included on the day a new version ships as it has become an industry standard for 3D import into rendering packages.

AC 24 IFC Bug Report from recipient

Dear AC community, I received an IFC file originating from AC24 in 2x3 format. It will not open in some software: The reason is the misuse of Axis. Where can I file a bug report without being an AC user? (upload the file?) Lukas citing: The error mes...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Exporting ArchiCAD model to STAAD Pro

Hello Everyone I want to export my ArchiCAD model to STAAD Pro. To transfer model to STAAD Pro it must be converted to ISM repository. I could not find how to convert model to ISM repository in ArchiCAD. How I can do that? OR there is any other link ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Transfer settings for sample and inject

A-25 FYI For Slabs, Morphs, Beams and Mesh elements - with all transfers settings turned off - these elements when injected will match the elevation of the sampled element Walls, Columns, and Library Parts do not behave this way. However with all tra...

gdford by Booster
  • 3 replies

Archicad 24 won't let me export any views to DWG

Hello, I'm trying to export some views into dwg and my file is simply not letting me do that. Wondering if you can please shed some light on what can I do ? I have tried restarting, updating, etc and it will just keep prompting the 'failed' X. Any ot...

Exporting Layout with rotated view to DWG is a disaster

Hello everyone, I there any way to export a layout with rotated view to DWG so that the viewport in Autocad is displayed correctly? Only option to get the desired result I could find is to export the layout to model space, but then the object is not ...

zarmenas by Newcomer
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