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Bluebeam Connect

It seems odd that we can not publish directly out of Archicad and into a Bluebeam Studio Project. Does anyone know anything about this? Also, it would be helpful if saving out to bluebeam connect automatically left something behind in archicad that c...

gdford by Booster
  • 2 replies

New Survey Point erratic coordinates behaviour

Hello I'm struggling with the new survey point, which I thought would solve my long history of problems with topographic coordinates objects. I've found that the new Survey Point Object it doesn't work at all with alreaay started AC24 projects, I hav...

godi by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

ArchiCAD to DWG - scale error

We have published a series of drawings for our client in both PDF and DWG formats. We have been informed by one of the recipients that there is a scale issue with the DWG files. The issue seems to be that if we have a 1:500 drawing published to DWG f...

BoldArch by Participant
  • 4 replies

KMZ 3D import

Hey, I've been trying to import a KMZ file I received into Archicad for several days now. Already experimented with QGIS/google earth/sketchup,... The best result I get is the plan in 2D, unfortunately without the necessary 3D info. Is it actually po...

IFC file export with revision code

Hi All Is there any way to publish IFC, so it could have automatically added revision code in the file name? Something similar to publishing a layout? Regards Piotr

Piotr by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

IFC Translator for opening IFC via drag&drop?

Hello everybody, I am just facing quite a challenge – what IFC import translator is being used when one drags and drops IFC into an open Archicad project (this way, one cannot select a particular one)? I did some experiments and it seems to me that t...

AutoCad Translators - Student Watermark

If we save DWGs for any version of Autocad save Autocad 2004, we immediately get a call saying our drawings have been made with a student version. Beside the obvious embarrassment, this should be the case. Has this been fix for any version of Archica...

Export Pen Set for Revit Autodesk

Hi, We are currently collaborating with engineers but they use Revit for their BIM model and documentation. Is there a way to share our pen set attributes or export them for Revit? I appreciate all the help I can get. Regards, John