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IFC Library Objects only show on the lowest storey

IFC Library Objects only show on the lowest storey of the Model despite being linked to a higher storey. In the attached screenshots you can see the settings for these objects so they should not be visible on the -3 Datum storey but they are. The onl...

Question about compatibility with other geometries

ArchiCAD has quite good imports from another 3D packages. But all of them are coming as library part objects (tool that has chair icon). Later you can explode them (if you want) into editable morph tool - that is some sort of native 3D mesh. If talk ...

DXF-DWG translation problems

Hello, I'm struggling with dwg export to (mainly) Autocad. I'm trying to export correct units and linetype scales, but unfortunately I can't get them both working together at the same time. My assumptions (Archicad): Working scale: 1:100 Drawing scal...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 10 replies

DWG export and Transmittal managing problems AC24

I feel like this is a huge problem that it should be addresed soon, and it has taken me too many hours to try to solve, with no success. AC24 has a lot of issues when exporting to DWG, issues AC22 didn't have (the version i've been working before) Pl...

CaticonC by Participant
  • 7 replies

Best way to import SketchUp objects to Archicad?

Hello, First of all, sorry for any English mistakes, is not my first language I've been trying for a while to find the best way to import objects from Sketchup, but still can't find a way that is quick and effective. I work with Interiors Design most...