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Revit Structural as a HLM

Looking for advice when bringing in a structural engineer's revit structural model as an IFC hotlink module. With myself never using Revit and my P/E never using Archicad. how do we go about understanding the translators? Although we got it worked ou...

lparke by Contributor
  • 2 replies

IFC Collaboration in complex projects

Hi everyone, I've got a question that might not be a quick or direct answer but I'd hopefully just looking for some of your collective guidance / experience. We are a quickly growing company that are both a developer and builder who work closely with...

nVidia Omniverse + Archicad

Hi guys, Does anyone know, what it is and how end user can benefit from that? Is it something like GeforceNOW, but instead for games it is for AEC industry? Let's share som...

saving to .bvn

Hi! I imported an element from Solidworks to Archicad. Now I need to make a bvn file out of it. Only "wall" type elements can be saved as a bvn. Right now all imported files are automatically "objects". Is there any way I can change it to a "wall" el...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Error exporting doors in ifc format (Archicad 24).

I export a 3d model (in arhicad 24) with walls with doors. I export it in ifc format and when I open it in a software that detects the slab, the wall and the door. But the door protrudes 30 cm outside, from the wall, on both sides of the door. When I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

IFC enumerated value property

Hello everybody, I'm struggling to set pre-defined enumerated values for a IFC property set as IFCPropertyEnumeratedValue. I can't map them so I don't know how to set different values as required from a list. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance,

IFC Story

Hi, In IFC Project manager I can set story description manually but not Story name (greyed out). How can I edit the Name? I'd like the Name to be manual (I want the story number to show here) just as the Description can be manual. What have I missed?...