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Project Database and Drawing Data

I am trying to use the project info and find it quite limited. It has only a little bit of the project information I have mny contacts per project city Planner fire Marshall Zoning Director Utility Department Contact, etc For ithe informaiton to be u...

Slab area calculation..

I am not sure what I am missing here... The entire parkade slab is 65, 835 sf. On the Archicad drawing, I made some slab openings for heated spaces that are added to 7000 sq.ft The remaining unheated space should just be 65, 835 - 7000 = 58, 5835 sft...

Llian by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Building Material Classification

I have a component schedule that does not filter anything, the criteria is to shown all types. If I set the classification of a building material to "Materials" or anything in that tree, that skin no longer shows in the schedule. What is going on her...

Narska by Booster
  • 1 replies

ArchiCAD lists - quantity takeoffs

Hello, another dark side in Archicad, lists, data base and their usage , i found some good exemples of using lists for cost estimation, but without any explanation, there is a book from GRAPHISOFTthat explains some exepmle, but not sufficient to star...

Merged properties expression

Hello, i'm developing Archicad template now, and wanted to set expression based properties using CONCAT function for door taging/naming by merging different "option set" based properties. Can someone help how to solve situation when one of the basic ...

Kaspars by Participant
  • 4 replies