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Attribute Manager for multiple files

Hi, I am doing a project with 1 main file with many hotlinked modules attached to it and I currently strugling with keeping the attributes organized, clean and lean. 1 option I read was to 1. make a file only for the attributes 2.make the all the att...

Schedule showing beam twice

Hello all, I'm running into a problem where a few beams are showing up twice in my beam schedule because they seem to have multiple ID's. Under "Classification and Properties" it has the correct label. But under "Segment" it has an incorrect one. I d...

Merged numbers in schedule?

Hi, I have an expression giving me a CO2 weight for my elements. The unmerged schedule shows all elements and their CO" weight correctly and the total for all the elements is correct. When I merge the schedule the CO2 is not summarized per row...howe...

Schedule edit

Doing a modification of the window schedule. On the orientation, it says R or L (for right or left), but that's not how we call out windows. We use XO or OX, where X is the operable panel. I'm trying to modify the window so that it shows up as XO or ...

mukster by Participant
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Expressions as IFS values doesn't work for me

Hi, This is an edited post. I managed to go incognito at work and have been reading up on expressions and I'm close to where I want. I can't seem to use a property as a Value in an IFS (IF Multiple) statement. Is this true? Regards, Mats

Resolved! Lists in alphabetical order

How can I adjust a schedule so that it appears in alphabetical order/ascending? For example, I have named my wall types WT01, WT02, WT03...etc but the list doesn't show it in that order.

Yvonne by Booster
  • 2 replies

Fixed element ID?

How to make element ID's, specifically Windows and Doors to be fixed number? I'm trying to create a catalogue of windows that correspond to real products and each window has unique product number, which I want to assign as ID within Archicad. The pro...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

Include classifications in custom object

I'm creating some custom fixtures as objects, and would like to be able to maintain the added classifications across projects. Is there a way to imbed them in the object, or export/import? I created a custom classification set as in the attached, and...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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