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I need your suggestion

Hello to all! As my old plotter was broken, can you recommend a good one for me? I would appreciate any recommendations and insights into plotters that users have acquired. Cheers!

Dual RTX 3090 GPU

I build a dual RTX 3090 GPU system with a NVlink bridge between both GPU's. Both GPU's are working well....but when I start rendering it only uses one GPU. Do I somewhere have to activate the 2nd GPU for Archicad?

Jeroen by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

GPU for ArchiCAD?

This has been talked about a lot here. Try searching the forum. I can give only a simplified answer as the CPU and GPU utitization in Archicad is of complexity beyond my wisdom. The CPU i...

Miha_M by Expert
  • 5 replies

GPU options?

Let's say I want to optimize my CAD GPU AND my gaming GPU in the same workstation. If I can install 2 GPUs, how difficult is it to toggle between them?

lagodue by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Best Graphics Card for Archicad

I don't want to spend more than $1,000. I use the latest versions of ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, and Revit. ArchiCAD runs particularly slow due to the size of my projects, I currently have an nvidea GTX 1060 and I'll list the rest of my computer specs below. ...

How to make my CG benchmark in Archicad

Hello, I watched the last benchmarks on Archicad 24... On very old graphics cards! How to make my benchmark myself? And to determine the polygons number in my project I export to C4D. Archicad knows how to count / display the numbers of polygons? tha...

M1 Performance Review

Dear All, In November 2020, Apple has announced M1 – their first commercial ARM chip on Mac. This new chip can be found in the new Macbook Air, the Macbook Pro 13″, and the Mac Mini. Following our ARM Mac Support article, we conducted a series of tes...

Nguyen Minh by Graphisoft Moderator
  • 6 replies