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Good larger format printer for ArchiCAD

Hi Fellow ArchiCAD users, I am looking for large format printer recommendations. I currently have an HP Designjet T520 (36inch), which unfortunately will not communicate well with Archicad in that it won't allow a 24x36 print to run the width of the ...

Quadro RTX versus P5000

I am currently running two Quadro P5000 cards on SLI. I have a large project to start and need the extra bandwidth. I am considering going to a single RTX 6000. Will I see much of a difference in speed? Thanks...

drh64 by Participant
  • 2 replies

Macbook Pro 2014 graphic card issue

Hello everyone! Is it normal that on MBP 2014 (version with two cards, i7 + 16GB RAM) the model with shadows literally "dies" (I note, a small model, i.e. a dozen or so walls, an area of about 600m2 - one floor), where on Windows integrated card and ...

Loaded 2020 iMac vs 2013 Mac Pro?

HI all! I'm considering a new Mac purchase - can't really afford a iMac Pro or new Mac Pro, but looking at the new 2020 iMac similar to what user "Kans" has just obtained: iMac 2020,Intel Core i9 3,6GHz 10-Core, 64Gb AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB, 1Tb...

Logitech Mouse jumps on AC24 and Catalina

Hello, I've read about this subject all over but can't find any resolution. Since getting a new MacBook Pro running Catalina and AC24, my Logitech mouse skips around and lags every minute or so. It's maddening. It happens on both: the older Performan...

imac 2020 configuration for using ArchiCAD 24

I had imac 2019 with i5 processor 3.7 Ghz. But I was not satisfied with this machine for using ArchiCAD. Especially for using profile manager for perforated facade. In our project the metal Paneel facade should be perforated in irregular rectangle. I...

Kans by Newcomer
  • 9 replies