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Dissappearing toolbox?

i cant quite figure out at what times it happens, but when i open Archicad, every once in a while i lose my tool box. even if i try tp start a new project, with a template, of open an existing project, the tool box will not appear. the only way for m...

AC 8r3v3 Crashed

I start to have problems with elevation/section because doesn't show some walls. After that AC start to crash almost every time I try to see an elevation/section. I found something in ArchiGuide about ArchiCAD Temporary Folder was very little free sp...

YA_H_VE by Newcomer
  • 11 replies

keyboard shortcuts

Every once in while when using keyboard shortcuts I have repeatedly hit the button for it to finally work. For example "Drag" when hit ctrl d I find myself having to hit the d button 3 to 4 times before it picks the command up. I first thought it mig...

Red by Participant
  • 1 replies

Walls Don't Clean Up After Merge

We have had two instances where drafters have Merged a very simple AutoCAD drawing into an ArchiCAD plan and the walls will no longer clean up. I've checked the Display Options and several other things, but there seems to be no reason why none of the...

8.1 Doors changing parameters

I'm having problems with doors changing paramenters. I have inserted door D2 from the 8.1 library and set the parameter to H-V Grid. This seems to work for a while in the 3D window (Open GL) but after a while the door has reverted back to show no gri...

has this slowdown bug been fixed in 8.1 (OSX)

Hi, Since version 7 the more i generate 3d views the slower the proceedure becomes until I am forced to restart Archicad. Is this an issue with version 8.1 or can anyone enlighten me as to a workaround. Indeed is this a problem for other users?