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Resolved! Error WWWLinks2 & Help2

Hello. Faced the problem that Archicad does not see the WWWLinks2 and Help2 folders. The instructions indicate that if you create such folders in the Archicad root folder and fill them with content (URL / PDF), They will be displayed. But for some re...

hybrid by Booster
  • 2 replies

elevation rotate !!!

Hello I draw plans on 270 degree after I put /elevations /section/and 3d documents it come rotated !! on 3d documants I corrected it because it has ortate view options but in elevations is there any solutions ? if I rotated it on layout text and dime...

Archicad 24 6004 issues after update

I updated to the 6004 update and now have the following issues. Cineware add-on crashes and I can not render. Archicad is extremely slow when opening PLNs. It is taking minutes for the PLN to open after the splash screen appears. This is with a templ...

Too Long by Participant
  • 5 replies

Archicad 25: New Survey point tool

Hello, opened up a project in archicad 25 and a few things came up: 1. Original Survey Point object has been removed and replaced with the built in one. The new one had lost original placement and moved far away. 2. Each time i rotate the survey poin...

SRadzins by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Resolved! ArchiCAD 10 Translator compatibility

Trying to install ArchiCAD 25 on my laptop. I'm running Mojave so that I can still use the old ArchiCAD 10 translator version (for opening files easier than 10, or which I have a lot--some ooooold jobs come back online). Anyway, I'm getting the repor...

ARCHICAD 25 and Mac High Sierra

Hello, i usually run ArchiCAD on my windows based lap top, however i have a 2011 i-Mac at home which also runs windows via Bootcamp, albeit it not always totally stable. The OS is High Sierra and has successfully run ArchiCAD 24 without any problem i...