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Resolved! Archicad blurry (fuzzy/pixelated) lines and text

Hi guys. I built a new PC, and I encountered a fuzzy line issue with my archicad display. First I used a GTX1050 but I switched to a RTX 2070. The 1050 was definitely worse than the 2070, but the issue is still there. I also have a 32" 1920x1080 scre...

20 crashes every day Archicad 24 iMac AMD Radeon Pro

I've got 20 or more crashes every day! When will this be resolved? This is a problem I have for months! The workarounds don't work for me. Is Archicad since it is part of Nemetschek not important anymore? A fix nowadays takes months, I think that is ...

StnS by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Resolved! I cannot copy a door I selected.

Hello, I am using Archicad 23 and trying to simply copy Ctrl+C a door in my model. I am using windows 10 and there is a windows error sound eveytime I copy it. I tried copy the stair and it was fine. I am very confused why

kmk63 by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Expression editor on Windows

Hi. I opened Expression Editor in ArchiCAD 24 on Windows 10 MS Surface Pro, and what I see? Tiny letters. Probably on Mac with retina running Windows will be the same problem. Interesting - anyone noticed that and is it already fixed in upcoming vers...

Files corrupting when closed.

I have recently had a couple of files not close properly and change into text files. When closing the file rather than the 'Do you want to save?' prompt the file will just close and then a text file is created, the .bpn disappears and the .pln file r...

Joystick mode won't switch off

Hello fellow Archicad users! I have got a problem with the new joystick fly mode in Archicad 24. I did not know about it's existence until I connected to my office computer via Remote desktop. In 3d the joystick mode switched on somehow automatically...