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About Apache Log4j vulnerability

Dear All, Last week, a critical security vulnerability in Java logging library Log4j has been found. The vulnerability allows attackers to perform remote code execution, which means they can run any code and access all data on the affected machine. I...

Resolved! Archicad 25 can not be downloaded

Hi, I would like to use Archicad as a student. I received a link via email to download Archicad 25. However, when I downloaded it and pressed finish nothing happened. I cannot open the program. I have already downloaded it again several times and now...

Archicad on Mac not saving files

Hi, today I've run into this issue that Archicad won't let me save files. When I click save or save as nothing happens, the window doesn't pop up. I was saving files normally today both pln and pdf but suddenly it stopped working. I've tried restarti...

mikkot5 by Participant
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cefSharp.browser subprocess - Fatal error

Hi all,I'm a student working on my final project on ver. 24. Have been working perfectly fine for the past 4 months, then started to add Enscape 3.1 to ver. 24; all still image render and video render worked fine until 2 days ago.This morning, I had ...

ew_rush by Participant
  • 4 replies

BIMcloud installation problem

Good evening everyone,I wanted to install BIMcloud manager. After I confirmed the BIMcloud manager configuration (after admin name and password set up) and (as the YT tutorial was saying) I shoud be redirected to carry on the set up in the web browse...

Bez názvu.png
Susan4 by Participant
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Question: Forum Settings

Hi all,For the Moderators, I don't know where to put this topic, so please put it where you see fit. I need help with setting up my Graphisoft Community forum in these areas:I would like to change my nick name "Moonlight" to my real name.I have alrea...

Star(T) Edition 2021 and sample project files

Greetings, I have just returned to using CAD from a 20 odd years hiatus as I'm finding it more and more difficult and time consuming to wait for consultants to prepare rudimentary drawings for me. The last Archicad version I used was version 6 or 7 (...

Updates logic

Hello, Not sure where to ask this but regarding updates, can I install the last available one directly ? What I mean is my AC 24 version is 3008 and there are 4 available revisions (3022, 4018, 5000/5004, 6004), can I install 6004 without installing ...