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Licensing Key not recognized on new computer

Hello. I'm running ArchiCAD 20 on Windows 10. I've just recently gotten a new computer, downloaded ArchiCAD 20 and the GS License Manager Tool. When I try to open ArchiCAD, with my key plugged in, it says "Please select License Type", and doesn't rec...

Resolved! Uninstall patch in Archicad

Hi! Some of my college install in some workstation patch # 6021 in archicad 22 in an others workstation there is a different patch 7000. How I can disinstal patch #7000 and install patch # 6021? Notice that the bim server has patch #6021. Thank you

ArchiCAD 22 on Big Sur (Mac OS 11)

Hello, I know Graphisoft will not ensure compatibility of AC 22 with BigSur. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work. I am on AC 22 and installed BigSur on an external drive for evaluation. So far, I've only encountered a few cosmetic issues on the rad...

PPAG by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

License priority order?

Hello, We are having som strange issues with how Archicad collects our licenses from our available pool. We have a combination of physical CodeMeter-keys as well as software licenses. In our CodeMeter Admin we have set up a specific server search ord...

Virtual license distribution

I am attemping to set up an archicad license distribution from a virtual machine in Azure. Are there anyone that has experience with this kind of solution?

BjornF by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Upload personal license to company license pool?

I have no idea as I don't use software licenses. But I can imagine it would not be possible as your company would have specific licenses assigned to it by Graphisoft. Just as you have yours. However if it is a software license, there should be no iss...