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Help Center Faulty Working Procedure

Hi Graphisoft, This is a critique to the responsible for designing your renewed "Help Center" Site, you have a faulty work flow and made our work flow suffer. When you enter the landing page, it will show the various options in the language of your l...

Have a problem with Archicad 24 on my macOS

Hello, I installed archicad about 11-12 of Jan and used it as well. After It I had a problem, smth like "problem with license file". Then I deleted ALL of parts Archicad. After installed Archicad 24 again from website. Set my account and started, but...

Resolved! I can not login

Hello, I am new user and recently took an edu license. I have a problem, in which I don't know what to do. I can not login either at graphisoft or at Every time I am trying to access the page, it says it can not connect "Firefox can’t ...

Harrys by Newcomer
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Archicad 22 on Catalina or Big Sur (M1)

I am not upgrading until a long project is completed.( multi year) I have to restart my subscription or pay to upgrade. Question is: Will Archicad 22 run on Catalina Intel or Big Sur M1? I know it says compatible with Mohave. Thanks.

Library Load Error

When I'm in the office, I am able to run ArchiCAD normally on my PC. Recently I tried Remote Desktop Connection from home into my work PC and I'm getting this "Library Load Error" Message. It says, "LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is ...

HELP! AC24 update error.

Hey guys! I installed AC INT 3008 and 4007, when start ac, it shows the warning below. then whatever I click , the start interface will quit and that's over. How to solve this? I just want to run this update in demo mode to see the new mep connection...

[License not recognized after update] Не признает лицензию после установки обновлений

Установила обновления ARCHICAD-23-RUS-Update-4006-1.1 на версию ArchiCAD 23 и после этого выдает окошко, что лицензия не найдена, хотя лицензия у меня есть [Moderator: This is an English-only forum. Please post in English in the future. Google Transl...