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Video Card Problem, or Memory Problem?

First thing this morning I restarted my computer because Windows, in all its infinite wisdom, updated my machine and forced a reboot overnight.So after a reboot first thing, I fire up AC26 and open my working file and I get issues right away, as seen...

Screen flickering/flashing previous 2D window in 3D

I have a strange issue when in 3D view where the previous plan window flashes up briefly every time I orbit using the Shift+Middle button. It specifically flashes when I let go of the keyboard or mouse buttons. However if I am in orbit mode there is ...

MSDC by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Palettes are blinking

Hi Everyone,A very annoying thing is happening for a while. I use AC25 build 5010 under Windows 11. AC keeps refreshing its palettes in every 1 minute on average. It's very random, sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 1 minute or more. Only the palettes, ...

csabago by Contributor
  • 5 replies

2 PCs, which one to choose?

I have 2 PCs in the office, I need to choose one I want to work with. They are exactly the same, the difference is the CPU and GPU:Option 1: i7 12700k + NVIDIA rtx 3060tiOption 2: i7 12700 + NVIDIA rtx 3080They are already bought, so I can't change a...

klk989 by Participant
  • 4 replies

OpenGL not working in Archicad 21

Hello Am new to Archicad 21, I was using archicad16 on my Lenovo Thinkpad E530, 4gb ram, 250gbHD, display driver Intel(R) HD graphics 3000 (updated)... When I open the 3d option on Archicad 21, it say "openGL not available" what should I do?

Lines jagged at intersections on screen in 2D

Hi all, I'm having an issue with Archicad 25. I just got a new PC with NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU. First few days seemed fine, but today I noticed some strange behaviours on the 2D screens (plans and sections\elevations): Wherever lines intersect unorthogo...

BAU by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Archicad 19 video card compatibility

I've used my current i7, GTX 260, SSD, Win7 setup on ArchiCAD 13-18 with no issues.Installing 19 caused constant crashes with the nVidia drivers - old, new, WHQL - didn't matter. Graphisoft has only verified Quadro and FirePro cards. http://helpcente...

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