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Fill definitions on peer to peer networks

We create simple fills eg for paving slabs, tiling patterns, block coursing etc. We have a simple network over Airport, and share projects and layout books back and forth; some projects remain as plns, others become plps. The Problem: When the lbk is...

Nigel by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

Areas listed in ZOne and schedule

I put in zones that show areas and also mad a schedule of the areas. THe schedules are showings areas to the xxx.xx decimal point and the zones are rounding them off. I want the rounded off number so that both the zones and the schedule are the same....

Michele by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

Panther and W2000 server

A clean install will not allow to open files in W200 server. Many files (the old MAC files with no extension) will appear as "unix executable files" but will be impossible to open them even with adding the correct extension. If you encounter this sit...

Shift-click doesn't work for selection any more?

I haven't used ArchiCAD in a while. Is it true that shift-click no longer works to select an object when some tool other than the arrow tool is selected? Is this the way its supposed to be (I hope not- shift-click has always been my perferred way of ...

R Muller by Booster
  • 9 replies

invisable columns

Here's a good one--- I have covered porch with 10x10 columns, outline pens for plan, section and 3d set to the same heavy black. They all appear in plan and 3d, NO apperant outline pen in 3d, I can live with that, I don't like it but I can live with ...

From Floor Slabs to Floor Framing

When I start designing a house, I just put in thick floor slabs while the shape and size of the building are in flux. I typically run the floor slabs to the outside, so exterior walls start and end at the floor slabs. From the beginning I design with...

notes + dimensions in3d views

I deal with this in a rather laborious workaround (sorry, I am talking AC7 + PM2.3 here for the moment) 1. Either assign a camera or a 3d quick view to your required 3d view 2. Save out as 2d elements .2dl 3. Open the .2dl , annotate and static dimen...

AC7 - Switching to Clockwise

I am entering line coordinates into AC7 The angle vectors are referenced in a clockwise direction. The “a” in the tool box goes in CCW direction. Can this be switched? While typing this message I thought of just entering the angles as “negatives”. St...

B/W Mac printing is back?

On the excellent Macsurfer site I found this link to a Mac OS X Hints tip: 10.3: Apply Quartz filters to print jobs" (Scroll down the page and you'll find it) It appears that this means that B/W printing is back in Panther, at least for the printer m...