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Module Update Crashing ArchiCAD (Mac OSX)

I am using ArchiCAD 8v3 (aus) on Mac OS 10.2.7. When I place a pln as a module on another file there is no problem. It's when I update the module ArchiCAD crashes right at the last moment.I tracked this problem down to the corner windows in the modul...

sam66 by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

San Diego Firestorm 2003

As far as I know: Fire started when a Hunter lit a signal fire so that his buddies could find him. This was in the back woods area of Ramona, from there the Santa Ana (50 MPH winds + ) pushed the fire all across the back country into various resident...

Intersection Groups

My Intersection Group setting in the layer dialog will not save. When I reopen ArchiCAD all the layers are reset to Intersection group "1". I have installed build 6392 which I read was supposted to fix the problem but still no luck. Any ideas? Thank ...


Dear Talkers, PLEASE follow the Etiquette: - use the username known from the old Talk or your real name - put your location in the Profile; in the case of US locations, please put also US at the end - if you want to change your username, contact the ...

Djordje by Booster
  • 17 replies

Roof Surfacer AC 7

When I anoint the roof on both sides of a ridge with the standing seam--AC 7 Library_Add on Library_Roof accessory_roof_surfacer, I'm unable to convince the patterns to line up, i.e. "mirror". Is there a fix-it that anyone has discovered? Thanks, Wal...


Dear Archi-Talkers, Welcome to the renewed discussion forum of the ArchiCAD user community. As default structure for the new forum we created the following main categories: - General Discussions: here you can share your opinion with other users about...