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Door Leafs missing

I don't think they are missing but new styles are ignored Opened a model that was correct on laptop On desktop the leafs do not show And if I change the leafs - no change - just a flat panel or lo leaf - can't tell

House - Bent shell roof

ASM Techbase next Quick Coffee Tip is ready. This tutorial is showing you how to create a nice roof shape using the shell tool. Enjoy Carsten Link:

Resolved! Drawing Gable End Walls with Break Line in Plan

Is there a way to automatically have a wall break in plan where the floor plan cut plane is for a gable end wall (or other walls that slope down through the break line, such as below stairs)? If not, how do you like to handle this type of condition? ...

EH21 by Booster
  • 3 replies

Which element to bend UV mapping?

Is there an element that when bent will also bend the material mapping? I tried slabs, walls and beams but the top part of the element is always mapped without taking into account the bend:

JohnJay by Participant
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Best method to model a driveway composite

I've seen various workarounds for how to create a sloped driveway using copies of meshes with SEO etc, or with numerous roofs etc, but never quite get the desired result. With meshes you can't do a composite, with roofs you end up with many separate ...


I have a challenge with railings this morning. The railing on the stair shows in 3D, but not in plan nor section. There seem to be a "silhouette" of the railing on section, and I can select it, but its not visible on the drawings. Any ideas what I'm ...

Johann_P by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Mouse position affects Tracker input.

Here is a problem i have been experiencing since the Tracker was introduced to Archicad. When you use the tracker to input a value the position of the mouse will affect the results. Let's say you're drawing a line from A to B. (A and B are not Archic...

Geom by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Modeling corner-window

Hi everyone! I am having a problem modeling a corner window. My goal is to have a corner window. Similar to this picture. As far as I know "corner-window" tool has no choice to have two different windows connected to each other. So, for modeling I ch...