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Texture - direction / rotation ?

Hi, I'm using the same texture and I have no clue why this texture is rotate 180° on some other surfaces ... I tried to reset direction but it doesn't work. I know that depending in the walls from which side I started to make ( left or right ) - I do...

What happened to EDIT SELECTION SET ?

I used this function a lot in the with layers management. For example when I want to designate a layer for everything I have selected. I don't see it any more in ArchiCAD 25 where it used to be. Is it gone or just in a different place?

Lines between Walls in 3D view

[img]Hello, I'm attempting to rid on the separation lines in my 3D model which appear between my exterior walls; however, I do not want to turn off contours. I have made sure all the walls are connected (more times than I can count) but the issues pe...

AWalker by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Material Priority not cleaning up properly

I will start by saying I am currently stuck on a nice laptop but not the same power as my desktop, so the lack of power and graphics may be part of the issue I have two materials - standard Concrete-Structural and Gravel Because I could not get them ...

Create posts between windows

I am creating a long row of windows that needs to have full posts between sets of 3 windows ganged together. How can I show full posts between head and sill only, with trim above, and sill running below? I am currently faking it in plan by adding a c...

Saving Multiple Color/Surface Options

Hi All, I've been running into a new issue lately, and was wondering if anyone has found a system to overcome it. Clients are asking us more and more to help them with picking colors/styles, and we obviously try to oblige. We also like to save the va...

Benji_W by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Railing Segment Pattern Settings

Does anybody have any idea why I am unable to change the Pattern Distribution and Position in my railing? See screenshot. Working in AC22.

EH21 by Booster
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Magic Wand not defining contour lines in mesh as expected

Hello everyone, I'm going to keep this short. I have contour lines on my terrain and I would like to use the Mesh Wand to create new mesh points and fit user to ridges, however, it's not going as planned as the mesh wand can't properly define the lin...