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Complex profile - Column - Projected View in Floor Plan

Hey, can anyone help with this?I have a complex profile column with multiple building materials. When the column is cut, the layers are correctly shown. But when the column is not cut (is to be projected - e.g at a roof plan) the lines seperating the...

Ancha by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! I would like to hear an explanation about DISPLAY ORDER.

I would like to hear an explanation about DISPLAY ORDER. 1. WALL on the first basement floor2. COLUMN on the first basement floor3. BEAM on the ground floor4. COLUMN on the ground floor5. There is a WALL on the ground floor.What are you doing? I woul...


Super long delays and lag in actions

My Archicad 26 USA has got some problems! I restarted my computer yesterday. Today it's doing what I'm showing in the video. This is becoming more and more common. Annoyingly long delays between keystrokes and mouse clicks and menu choices, etc. If I...

Resolved! 3D modeling view

Dear Archicad users! I am new here so I hope my question is not to basic. I found great example online of the project that has great top view - of arcades. One part is groundfloor and another is with arcades... I would attach the example. If someone ...

Oliva401 by Participant
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Removing Unwanted Morph Lines

I need to draw an entry arch and since it has a profile I am using the morph tool. I am able to creat the arch I am needing to draw but I now have a bunch of unwanted lines. Is there a better way to create this arch and is there a way to delete the u...

Archicad Arch.jpg

Rotating of Column Segments

I saw this column design while perusing the web and thought ahh that would be cool to try and model in Archicad. Segment column, using the circular profile, tapered, then use the tilt option. The problem I have been stumped with is that in the photo ...

Screenshot 2023-06-01 155803.jpg Screenshot 2023-06-01 154923.jpg Screenshot 2023-06-01 160235.jpg

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