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Wall-Opening - Composite Slab: Behaviour of first skin

Hi! I just discovered that the top skin of a composite skin is never pulled into an opening. No matter of changing the z-position or type (core/finish/other). Both slab materials have lower priority than the wall material.Also, if I change the remain...

Resolved! Wall/window detail in 3D

I am currently building a 3D model of Olgiati's Paspels School, here is the detail of the exterior wall + window: any idea how to do it in 3D? My idea is to divide the detail into 4 different walls (as in the second jpg) and combine them as to let th...

DetailPaspels.jpg DetailPaspels2.jpg
Paopao Booster
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Metal web joist length

I am a le to change the length of the beam object but not to the exact length I need. I also have a composite floor with air void I managed to get the Webjoist showing up in this void. However I see also see a lot of thi gs in the void I don't want t...