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Curtain wall not showing on redering

I have been doing a project with brie soleil, but since the option does not exist in Archicad I decided to make them with a modification of courtain wall, in 3d regardless of the view it is seen, the problem is when trying to render them, they disapp...

Peachydeeday_1-1694906852882.png Peachydeeday_2-1694906887034.png Peachydeeday_3-1694906925170.png

Curtain wall, Temporary division

Hello!First time writing a topic, hope i posted it correctly.Ive been starting to use curtain walls quite frequently lately. Love the tool, however to my question is when im doing a more detailed wall and where certain parts makes me need to do some ...

Blocks [Groups]

Hello, I made a block and copied, thinking the copies of the block would get modified (as in other drawing software). But when i change an item in the block, none of the other blocks are changing. thank you pb

Resolved! Simple Curved Roof

What's the recommended way for doing a simple roof at the top of a curved wall? Like a barrel roof. There used to be some functionality to do this that doesn't appear in ArchiCAD 26. I know I can use complex profiles, but it's not a roof, such as if ...