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modeling footing and having them show up in sections & p

I'm working on a house that has concrete slabs and concrete footings. Currently I show the footings in the plan and section by drawing them in with the line tool. I'm wondering if there is a way to model footings so that they show up in the sections ...

Triangular Louvers-Gable end louver

Does anyone know where I can find a triangular louver in the 8.0 Library? The library has all of these other great shapes...but not triangular. Is there a work around? TIA

rgarand by Participant
  • 4 replies

Curved Curtain Wall Object Problem

We are trying to draw a curved curtain wall with the Curtain Wall Curved object and we are having two basic problems. First, the wall will not show up in the 3D window -- only the two outer frame pieces show up, but nothing else. Second, is there a w...

Laye Combination and Layer Settings

Switching to 8 I am taking a fresh look to this subject. I am curious of examples for a large practice with all aspects of engineering for new and existing situations. Effect of extension and intersection how to use then and the integration of extens...

No opening in 3d

I have placed a double door in a curved wall. The 2d representation looks fine but when I switch to 3d there is no door opening. In order to even see the doors I have to change the 3d swing to something other than 0° and then you see the doors swung ...

showing apron on ArchiCAD 8 Library Window

I am having some trouble getting the apron to show up on windows from the ArchiCAD 8 Library. A typical window that I am having this problem with is the "W Gliding2 80". If I create windows using "Door and Window Builder" the apron shows up just fine...


radius dimension tool?

i think i know the answer to this, but i am fairly new to Archicad. can i use this tool on a single curve or arc, that has two or more different radius?

how to cut roofs

I am having trouble cutting away portions of a roof that I've created using the roof tool. The Help directions are as follows: You may need to make holes in Roofs. Select a Roof pane and start drawing a new contour within its boundaries. The new cont...

Problem with roof fascia

Hello all, I am having a problem with my roof fascia and how it appears in the elevation view. I have created my roof with the roof tool and I have added a soffit with my wall tool. I have given the same materials to the appropriate faces of each obj...

rgarand by Participant
  • 12 replies